Adhesive Mats & Mopping Systems

Canada Clean Room provides a broad selection of adhesive floor mats, stocking many sizes and colours.

We also provide a state-of-the-art mopping systems focussed on removing not just “moving” contamination from the controlled environment.


Adhesive Floor Mats

CCR carries Whiteline cleanroom adhesive floor mats that represent the most efficient passive device for significantly reducing the level of traffic borne contaminants.

  • Full adhesive backing for safety and stability
  • Each mat consists of thirty easy pull-away sheets which are consecutively numbered
  • Many standard sizes are stocked
  • Available in blue, white, or grey

For additional information on adhesive floor mats and their applications, please contact CCR’s product experts.

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Mopping Systems

CCR offers state of the art mopping systems, effective in reducing contamination in your environment while utilizing labour in the most cost effective manner.

  • Designed to clean floor, wall, and ceiling areas efficiently and thoroughly
  • Variety of materials available to suit specific cleaning needs
  • Two and three bucket systems available to suit specific cleaning requirements
  • Suitable for ISO 4 – 8 applications

For additional information on mopping systems, please contact CCR’s product experts.

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